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From the farm Yksendalen about 16 persons left for America (about these numbers, see the introduction page "Emigration from each farm").

Bruk #1

(More about bruk #1 her.)
  • Lars Larson Yksendal b. 1852, went to Minnesota in America in 1875, 23 years and unmarried.
  • Ivar Larson Yksendal b. 1861, brother of Lars, went 6 years later. He left from Bergen 22nd of March 1882, 21 years and unmarried. He stayed first in Minnesota, where he educated, and then left for North Dakota, where he was working as a priest. More about Ivar, see here.
The eldest brother to these, Nils Larson Oksendal b. 1846, was farmer at bruk#1. Four of his children left:
  • Nils Nilson b. 1878, went 4th of April 1900, 22 years and unmarried, to his uncle Iver in North Dakota. More about him, see here.
  • Lars Nilson b. 1875 went after 4th of Mars 1902, 27 years and unmarried. More about him, see here.
  • Borghild Nilsdotter b. 1880, the sister, 19 years and unmarried, went with.
  • The brother Rasmus Nilson b. 1884, went autumn 1906, 22 years and unmarried. He went with his brother Nils when he returned after visiting Norway for some months. More about him, see here.
    Rasmus went back to Norway in 1909. Four years later he married to Kari Nilsdotter Trefall b. 1890, and return to North Dakota, America with his wife 22d of August 1913. More about them, see here.

"Husmann" (cotter) at bruk #1

Johannes Torbjørnson b. 1811 are the uncle to the two brothers who first left at bruk #1, Lars Larson og Ivar Larson. Two of his children left:
  • Brita Johannesdotter b. 1847(8?), left for Minnesota 31st of May 1875.
  • Anna Johannesdotter b. 1847, left for Minnesota 11th of Nowember 1879.

Bruk #2

(More about bruk #2 could be found here.)
  • Ragnhild Andersdotter b. 1836 married to Anders Gullbraa went in 1868. At the time of emigration they where living at Vik in Sogn
Brother of Ragnhild Andersdotter, Herlaug Anderson b. 1832, was farming at bruk #2. Six of his children left. Two from his first marriage to Ingebjørg Torbjørnsdotter Fjellanger b. 1830:
  • Torbjørn (Tom) Herlaugson b. 1862, went 20th of Mars 1883.
    More to read about him here.
  • Andears (Andrew) Herlaugson b. 1865, went together with his brother Torbjørn (Tom) in 1883.
    More to read about him here.
  • Johan Karl (Carl) Herlaugson b. 1867, went 24/4 1884. Evanger Bygdebok Band I tells us that he was later killed at Cuba. Another story tells that he drowned deserting from the Army.
    More to read about him here.
  • Dordei Herlaugsdotter b. 1872 30 years and unmarried, she went 4th of Mars 1902 together with three half sieblings (see later on this page).
    More to read about her here.
On the boat leaving Bergen 4th of Mars 1902 with Dordei, also Dordei's brother Torbjorn who left in 1883 was on the passenger list. Now he was an American citizon, and had been back in Norway to bring more of his siblings to America. Because on the boat where four children from Herlaugs second marriage to Sigrid Knutsdotter Trefall b. 1847: They left on the same boat as the siblings Lars Nilson and Borghild Nilsdatter from bruk #1.

One more son of Herlaug and Sigrid, went 3 years later:
  • Nils Herlaugsson b. 1886 went too, three years later, 11th of April 1905. More to read about him here.

[1] The same farm but different "bruks". A Farm could be divided into parts, each called a "bruk".

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