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The picture shows bruk #1, #2 and #3 at Trefall in about 1950.

These emigration pages started out when I got in contact with a 2end cousin and his wife in Oregon, USA. They are descendants of my grandfather's sister who left with her husband for North Dakota in 1913.

From the three "bruks" at the farm Trefall about 13 adults + many children left (about these numbers, see the introduction page "Emigration from each farm").

Here about the name Trefall.

The emigration

Bruk #1
  • Brita Jakobsdotter Trefall b. 1804, emigrated: 1867
    She was married to Jakob Jonson Ekse b. 1806, left after a period as "husmann" (cotter) at the farm trefall from 1840. They left from Bergen 30th of April 1867 on the bark "Broedrene" and arrived Quebec 31th May. The went with theyer children Lars Jokobson 20 years and Brita Jakobsdotter 26 years.

  • Jakob Ingebrigtson Trefall b. 1841, emigrated: 1865
    He left two years earlier, in 1865. Brita Jakobsdotter who went in 1867 was Jakob's aunt.

Bruk #2

Bruk #2 occurs after a remarriage on bruk #1.
The first farmer, Knut Jakobsen Trefall f. 1788(9?) is first married to Gjertrud Simensdotter Bindingboe. After Gjertrud died, he married to Elisabeth Askjelsdsdotter Aarhus. Theyr oldest son left:
  • Askjel Knutson Trefall b. 1830, emigrated: 1866
    He was married to Ingeborg Torgilsdotter Nedre Oppheim b. 1829, they left with theyer two sons Knut b. 1961 and Sjur b. 1864. They left Bergen at 25th of April 1866 on the brigg Fido from Arendal, and arrived Quebeck 8th of June. First they setteld in Higwater, Cuttonwood county, Minnesot. In 1894 they moved to High Lake Township, Emmet county, Iowa. Both Askjel (Askel) and Ingeborg are burried at the High Lake-Jack Creek cemetery. Ingeborg died in 1911, Askjel in 1916. More to read about them here.
The next farmer at bruk #2 is Jakob Knutson Trefall b. 1816, the half brother of Askjel, and son of Knut Jakobson Trefall and his first whife Gjertrud Simensdotter.
Of the children of Jakob Knutson and his whife Johannesdotter Aldalen f. 1813, these siblings left:
  • Johannes Jakobson Trefall b. 1840, emigrated: 1871

  • Knut Jakobson Trefall b. 1844, emigrated: 1869
    He was married to Brita Johnsdotter Ekse b. 1847, they left in 1869. The family back home in Norway never heard any thing from them anymore. So says the "bygdebok Evangerboka".
    But Knut Jakobson Trefall is on the passenger list on the bark "Broedrene" leaving two years earlyer, from Bergen 30th of April 1867. I can not find Brita Johnsdotter. left in 1869,
    It could be Knut found in the 1900 Census for Iowa, spelled Knut Traefald?

  • Gjertrud Jakobsdotter Trefall b. 1850, emigrated: 1874
    She left with her husband David Knutson Ekse b. 1840 on 9th of May 1874 with two children, Brita Davidsdotter b. 1866 and Gjertrud Davidsdotter b. 1873.

Bruk #2 was sold by the father, Jakob Knutson b. 1816, to his uncle, Lars Jakobson b. 1809.
  • Jakob Larson Trefall b. 1830, emigrated: 1856
    He was son of Lars Jakobson, took over bruk #2, first changed farm with Knut Larson Gullbraa (Nesheim) b. 1820, and then left for America with Brita Anderson Hanekom from Sogn in 1856 (14th og April?). He went to Cambridge, Wisconsin and married Brita in 1857. They moved to Dodge County, Minnesota in 1861, and in 1871 to Lac Qui Parle County, Minnesota.

The other half of bruk #2 was sold by Lars Jakobson, bought by Knut Larson Gullbrå, and which now went to be bruk #3 (see bruk #3 about that family).
  • Lars Jakobsen Trefall f. 1809, emigrated: 1864
    Lars first went to Vik in Sogn in 1845, and left from there to America in 1864 with his wife number 2 Synnøve Olavsdotter Apeltun b. 1806, and a childe. They settled in Dodge County and Lars died in Kason in 1898.

In addition to Jakob Larson from the first marriage, one more of Las children left:
  • Gulleik Larson Trefall b. 1832, emigrated: 1860
    Evangerboka says he left as early as in 1845, this is wrong, the year is 1860.

Bruk #2 was bought back into the family from Knut Larson Gullbraa (Nesheim) by Kari Ingebrigtsdotter b.1827 from bruk #1 married to Jon Nilson Ekse b. 1822 (Knut Larson baught insted bruk #3). Of the children of Jon Nilson and Kari Ingebrigtsdotter, these left:
  • Ingeborg Jonsdotter Trefall b.1853, emigrated: 1876
    She went 4th April 1876. "Evangerboka" tells that she was married to Gulleik Johannesen Bergo b.1841

  • Begga johnsdotter Trefall b.1855, emigrated: 1888
    She went to Minnesota from Bergen 25th of May 1888.

The farm was now passed to Jon Nilson and Kari Ingebrigtsdotter's doughter Anna Jonsdotter b. 1867. Se married Nils Jonson Ekse, b. 1859. Of the childen of Anna Jonsdotter and Nils Jonsson, these left:
  • Kari Nilsdotter Trefall b. 1893, emigrated: 1913
    She married to Rasmus Nilsson Yksendal b. 1884. They left for Maddock, North Dakota, 28th August 1913.
    Theyer history could be found here.

Bruk 3

Bruk #3 was bought by Knut Larson Gullbrå (Nesheim) b. 1820 and Kari Knutsdotter Langeland b. 1818.
One son of the next farmer, Lars Knutson b. 1850 married to Guri Herlaugsdotter Yksendal b.1858, left:
  • Herlaug Larson Trefall b.1887, emigrated: 1906
    He left 17th of April 1906, and becoming later a farmer in Manitoba Canada, just north of North Dakota. In Canada Herlaug called himself Harry Larson.

His brother Lars Larson Trefall, b.1891 left 29th August 1913 (first to Rugby, North Dakota??, later to his brother in Canada?). He came back to Norway 8 years later, in 1921. He then became a farmer at Ekse. The plans was to find a Norwegian wife and go back and take over brother Herlaug's farm.

Herlaug was missed some time after 1921, when his brother Las had contact with him before leaving back to Norway. It is said that Herlaug was leaving for Alaska to train the dogs to be used by the Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen.

[1] The same farm but different "bruks". A Farm could be divided into parts, each called a "bruk".

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