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Topics: The Condoren Exhibition.
These pages are dedicated to the place I grew up: the farm Trefall in the valley of Eksingedalen on the west coast of Norway.
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Some topics:
Kongsberg - Stanghelle
Trefall is the third uppermost farm in the valley of Eksingedale. It is said that the farm Ekse, the second uppermost, was the first settled. The two bards, Gissur Gullbraa and Bjarne Gullbraaskald, both told about in Snorre Sturlason's saga about King Olaf the Saint (Olav Haraldson), and both present in the battle at Stiklestad in the year 1030, is said to come from the uppermost farm, Gullbraa. Trefall, "the palce trees lays fallen, either by storm or aging", is fist mentioned in written sources in about 1640. The road through the valley was built to Trefall in the 1930s, and was not continued further up the valley until after World War II. Before the road came, most travellers went over the mountain Naerafjellet to Brekkhus in the neighbour valley, and further to Evanger and Voss. Because of this the language spoken by the elder was the old dialect of Voss, today known as "Vossamaol". The electricity came to Trefall in 1955, and the telephone in about the same time. Hourses where used for work on the farm until the end of the 60s. The mountain pasture of Trefall, Trefallstoelen, was used the old way until 1967, as the last in the valley.
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Stories and pictures from Trefall (click on a picture):

Kari's stories, about the life on the farm Trefall between 1893-1913 Pictures showing how the farm looked like in about the 1950s
My Father's stories about the life on the farm Trefall (coming) Trefall seen from Geitanesberget and Trefallnovi 2002
Trefall seen from Aasen and Trefallstrada 2002 Trefall (mostly bruk #2) 30.10.2005
Autnum at Trefall 2006 Trefall Christmas Eave 2006
The Easter 2008 Trefallsnovi August 2008

3D map showing Trefall (seen in the same direction as the bacground picture):
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Other content on these pages (click on a picture):

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