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Emigration from each farm

  • Gullbraa
  • Ekse
  • Trefall
  • Brakestad
  • Nesheim
  • Bergo
  • Bindingbø
  • Fosse
  • Yksendal
  • Fjellanger
  • Haugen (Lavikhaugen)
  • Lavik
  • Flatekval
  • Nese
  • Vetlejord
  • Hoevik
  • Eikemo
  • Eikefet

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The Nesheim Church
Photo Kaare Trefall
[The numbers you will find here are not very accurate. They are found by a fast count of data from the local history books "Evanger Boka, Band I" and "Bygdebok fraa Modalen Herad, Band I". That is why Eikemo and Eikefet so far are not present. The numbers will be corrected when I have collected more data.]

Counting the number of emigrated persons from the upper most farm Gullbraa, down to the farm Hoevik, the number is about 190. The farm Bindingboe leads with 33, followed by Ekse with 22, Gullbraa and Flatekval with 19, Yksendal with 16, Lavik and Trefall with 11, and so on. In the other end of the list are the farms Vetlejord with 3 and Nese with 1.

The geographical area with most emigration are the three uppermost farms, Gullbraa, Ekse and Trefall with a total of 51 persons.
What we can read from this about the living conditions at the different farms is difficult to say.

So far you will only find stories told about some of the people who left from the two farms Trefall/Yksendal, and Yksendal bruk #1 and #2. Later on will stories about some of those who left the farm Ekse be added, one of them later to be killed.

I will add numbers for each farm, and I hope in the future to add more stories. And I hope to hear from you, dear reader, and maybe add your story!

Map of the farms in the valley of Eksingedalen.
Click here to enlarge the map (and scroll to right to see the upper part of the valley).

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