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About "The Plane" on Kvitanosi

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[I have done these translations from Norwegian by myself. My apologies for the bad English! Later on I will ask someone to do a better translation.]

I have always been curious about the wreck of the German aeroplane on the mountain Kvitanosi. As a child I played with wreck parts brought down from the mountain by my grandfather. I visited the wreck first time when I was about 7 years old. I had heard stories told by my father, my grandfather and others about how the survivors were found at the mountain pasture belonging to the farm Ekse, about how the locals where commanded by the Germans to try to transport wreck parts down to the valley of Eksingedalen, about a sledge with one of the motors from the plain disappearing into the woods, and about how the Germans later blow up the wreck.
After searching the internet I first came across "the wreck at Kvitanosi" in a forum about ww2. There I found which type of aeroplane it was, and the name of the crew. Later I came across a page about one of the crew killed in the crash (see later on this page). I also found a page about aeroplane wracks in Norway from ww2.
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.... That was what I wrote in 2004 when these pages started out. Now nine years later, many stories are added, I have been on Kvitanosi together with the son of one of the killed in the crash. Most of the wreck is now at Airbus in Bremen being used in the resturation of a plane of that type. In the spring 2010 I were participating in a group going to Berlin preparing for an exhibition. In 2012 I went by helicopter to Kvitanosi with a Norvegian tv-team. In autumn 2013 opend the exhibition Condoren paa Kvitanosi at Voss.
Condoren pa Kvitanosi

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