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The Oksendahl families in America

The emigrants from Yksendal bruk #2

Content: [all at one page] [printable page] Introduction, by Kaare Trefall

In 1868 the first of those who grewn up at Yksendal, in the valley of Eksingedalen on the west coast of Norway, went to America. This was Ragnhild Andersdotter b. 1837, 31 years, from bruk #2. She was married to Anders Davidson Gullbraa, b. 1816, and was at the time of emigration living at Tistelen, Vik in Sogn. Their story are not told here.

Ragnhild's brother, Herlaug Anderson Yksendal (1832-1903), was farming at bruk #2 in Yksendalen. He was married to Ingebjørg Torbjørnsdatter Fjellanger (1830-1879).

20th of March 1883 two of Herlaugs sons went, the two brothers Thorbjørn Herlaugson b. 1862, 21 years, and Andreas Herlaugson Yksendal b. 1865, 18 years, both unmarried. In America Torbjørn took the name Tom, and Andreas the name Andrew. Their first stop was Grand County, Minnesota, then they went further west to the Dakota territory.
One year later, 24th of April 1884, another brother, Johan Karl (Carl) Herlaugson, b. 1867, 17 years, went. First to Minnesota, then further west to his two brothers. Later to disappear, either fallen in the Spanish American War on Cuba, or as a deserter in the American war against the Indians.

15 years later, 4th of march 1902, also the sister Dordei Herlaugsdotter, b. 1872, 27 years and unmarried, went. She took the name Dina.

In the stories told here you can read about the new life "ower there" for these four siblings. Andrew and Tom were active politican in their new homeland.

Their mother died in 1879, and Herlaug married to Sigrid Knutsdatter Trefall (1847-1931).
On 4th of march 1902, together with Dina, also 3 of Herlaug's children from the marriage to Sigrid went: Ingebjørg Herlaugsdotter b. 1880, 22 years (she took the name Ingeborg), Knud Herlaugson b. 1883, 19 years, and Lars Herlaugson b. 1885, 17 years, all unmarried.
Dina's brother, and half brother to the other bruk #2 siblings, was also on the passanger list that day. He had now become an American citizen, and had been back in Norway to bring more siblings iand half siblings to America.

On the same boat there also were two siblings from bruk #1: Lars Nilson b. 1885, 17 years and Borghild Nilsdotter b. 1882, 19 years, both Yksendal. So there were 7 Yksendal on the Boat leaving Bergen this late winter day 1902.

One more of the siblings, Nils Herlaugsson b. 1886 (took the name Nels), son of Herlaug and Sigrid, went after 11th of march 1905, 19 years and unmarried.

Also some about the siblings Ingeborg, Knut, Lars and Nels in their new homeland are told here.

In USA about 1903-04. Back left: Lars, Dordei (Dina), Knut, Ingebjørg (Ingeborg). Front left: Torbjørn (Tom) with his thre oldest children Ingvold, Mabel and Ruby, Andreas (Andrew) with his wife Sophia and son Arthur. Of the siblings told about her, Johan Karl and Nils are missing on this picture.

The farm Yksendal in mid 1920s. The main house at bruk #2 in the far back. Photo from Karen Windheim.

Yksendal today. The main house at bruk #2 in front. Foto by © Svein Ulvund, VossNow

Thes pages about "Yksendal bruk #2 to America" had not been written without Hugo Solhaugs contributions, from his material collected fom relatives in America, ancesters of they who left Norway!!

[1] The same farm but different 'bruks'. A Farm could be divided into parts, each called a "bruk".

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