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Updates done after these pages become online (newes listed first):

  • 07.12.2009: Some translations of the faximile articles at The removal of the wreck.
  • 06.12.2009: I have started to translate my article of 2005 about the crash, see "A dramatized version".
  • 05.12.2009: At last some updates on these pages. It is a long time sice the previous in 2005. A lot have happened with the wreck since than. Here some updates. More to come. Here a chronological overview in "reverse order", all found under The removal of the wreck. The removal story starts on The wreck is awakening.

    • The story continues: In return for wreck parts, the Deutche Technikmuseum will assist in an exhibition project. See The removal - the story continues.
    • 13.11.2009: The web version of Hordaland is writing about bringing down the wreck. A journalist from the newspaper is calling. See The removal - interview.
    • 12.11.2009: The helicopter in action again fetching more parts down. One of the parts they brought down on the previous mission is not according to the agreement and must be brought up again. See The removal - bringing the parts down 2.
    • 07.11.2009: A helicopter is bringing the first wreck parts down from Kvitanosi. It is The Norwegian Aviation Museum which is leading the operation.
      The newspaper Hordaland writes about this 10.11.2009.
      See The removal - bringing the parts down.

    • September 2008 / July 2009 Negotiations between Hordaland County Council and the Deutsche Technikmuseum Berlin led to an agreement where the museum can fetch major parts of the wreck at Kvitanosi. See The removal - negotiations and The removal - the agreement.
    • 15.08.2008: I am guiding the the son and daughter of one of the killed in the crash. We are heading for the wreck. See The removal - guided tour.
    • 14.08.2008: At Thursday the 14th of August 2008 an expedition is going to the Kvitanosi wreck for an inspection. The participants are Deutches Teknikmuseum Berlin, Hordaland County Council and Voss Municipality They run into a lot of trouble because of fog. See The removal - the inspection.

  • 08.09.2005: An article from the book "War in Eksingedalen 1940 - 45", issued by Vaksdal Kommune in 1995 at the 50's anniversary of the end of WW2, added: Nils Gullbraa's story.
  • 24.08.2005: The Norwegian Armed Forces Museum witdraws the plans of appealing the local authorities preservation regulation. So the wreck will not be removed! (See more about this in plans of removing the wreck.)
  • 15.08.2005: The Norwegian Armed Forces Museum will appeal against the local authorities preservation regulation and carry out the original plan for removing the wreck (see more about this under The wreck will be removed).
  • 09.08.2005: Thanks to an e-mail from Olav Neset the original Karl Pech page was found in German: Karl Pech (see also te news at 12.07.2005: www.wk2.info removed from the internet).
  • 01.08.2005: Sad news was published in the local newspaper Hordaland Saturday 30/08: The wreck of the plane at Kvitanosi shall be removed! See under the bookmark bokmerket The wreck will be removed.
    Added Monday evening: Albert Gullbraa just called to tell about a temporary preservation regulation for the wreck (see under the bookmark The wreck will be removed).
  • 18.07.2005: Links to winter-hikes to Kvitanosi and to Eksestoelen - Torvedalen, added at The Wreck.
  • 12.07.2005: I just see that the pages mentioned earlyer about one of the killed, Karl Pech, now is removed from the internet. This is unfortunately the natures of internet. Valuable information are suddenly gone. I will try to get in contact with the www.wk2.info crew and ask about permission to publish some pictures and text about Karl Pech earlyer found on that site.
  • 15.03.2005: As a result of Rune Nesheim reading this page, he asked his father to write down his story. A very good day to day "diary" from one of the people involved in this event!

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