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Karl Pech

Karl Pech geboren am 15. Oktober 1922 in St. Georgenthal,
im damaligen Sudetendland (Tschechoslowakei), nahe der Grenze zu Sachsen (ca. 6km entfernt).
Gefallen am 27. 12. 1942 in Kvitanosi, Norwegen.

www.wk2.info is now unforenately removed from the internet. These pages contained a page on Karl Pech, one of the crew members who was killed in the chrash, and a page on what possibly could have happend that day at Kvitanosi. A small part og the pages could be found on Es geschah 3 Tage nach Weihnachten - vor 65 Jahren.

Here the close-down message for www.wk2.info:

Thank you for your faithfulness - www.wk2.info is offline now!

Worthy visitors
Worthy friends
Valued supporters
Ladies and gentlemen

Now, after approximately 2 years on the net, the web-site www.wk2.info will close as of July 1, 2005. The reasons for this are manifold, among them, the changes in the private and professional lives of the project leader and co-workers, as well as legislative changes concerning secondary businesses in Austria.

We are happy and proud that in these 2 years we've been able to greet on our pages over 21,000 visitors from all over the world, from Australia to Latin America, from South Africa to Siberia. We're lucky and thankful to have made so many acquaintances and friendships with young people and war veterans in this time, which we will naturally maintain.

We thank all of our visitors for their kind words in our guest book and their friendly letters via e-mail. We received very moving letters, especially from ex-war veterans from the United States and Great Britain. We wish to specifically thank all those people around the globe, whether young or old, that supported this project in deed. We thank you for offering your valuable spare time to research, to translate articles, to write articles, to provide photos and to make them available.

We thank you wholeheartedly, that you helped portray historical facts objectively, helped put a face on the soldiers that were victims of murder, bomb terror and expulsion. We thank you for your effort in also making public, the criticism of the allied forces' war crimes within the context of the time and without "score keeping" point out that even the victors are not free of guilt.

We would be glad to stay in contact with you and will be at your service, should you have any further questions.

We wish honour and eternal peace for all war casualties from all nationalities. We wish reconciliation and peace between all peoples on the basis of righteousness and lessons of history. The dead of the wars remind the living of peace.

Never again "WAR"

Your crew at www.wk2.info - In memoriam Karl Pech - 1922 - 1942


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