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From the farm Gullbraa in the east to the farm Eikefet in the west, each farm has its own mountain pasture. That would be 18 mounain pastures, or "stoels". Some fams in the valley of Eksingedalen have more than one mountain pasture, as the farm Brakestad with Brakestadstoelen and Oevstestoelen. In the uppermost area there are also mountain pastures belonging to Voss side by side with "stoels" belonging to Eksingedalen, as for Eksetorvedalen.

These "stoels" are small "pearls", both in nature and history. And so are also the paths from down in the valley up steep hillsides to the mouintain pastures. Many hevy loads have been carried these paths.

"The Aerea Plan for Eksingedalen 2003" had done a great job in making all these paths, also the forgotten ons, available for hikes again, and with information abouth each path to be found down in the valley where each path begins. Also an information leaflet for each "stoel" are made (in norwegian), and could be found in the foodshop at Lavik.

So fare only pictures and hike descriptions for some of these maountain pastures in the upper part of the valley could be found on this page. More to come, and also more information about each "stoel". My mouintain pasture Trefallstoelen, has its own page.

Pictures from other mountain pastures in the valley (click on a picture):
(here all with hike description, here these in printable version, more to come)

The Nesheimstoel 27.06.2004
(with trip data)
The Brakestadstoel and The Oevstestoel 20.07.2004
(with trip data)
Gullbraaholmen 23.07.2004
(with trip data)
The Eksestoel and Torvedalen 22.03.2005
(with trip data)
The Bergostoel 09.08.2005
(with trip data)
The Bindingboestoel and The Yksendalstoel 16.08.2005
(with trip data)
The Flatekvalstoel 27.07.2006 The Fossestoel 10.08.2006
The Nesestoel 14.08.2006

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