My Trefallstoel: Looking forward to the Saturday after work, to walk up the steep hillside Fribakkane together with my father, mother and brothers, up to the mountain pasture wher may grandma was staying, milking the cows and making butter from the milk. She often went down to the valley in daytime to participate in the hey colleting. But not on Saturdays. Today also my grandpa went up to "stoelen". And later to fall asleep to the sound of the river, Storagroi, passing the little house up in the mountains. And to wake up in the morning to the sound of the cow bells, and the sound of milk being milked in a pail. And the cows scratching theyer backs into the wall outside. And later the humming of the separator, with the continus "pling" telling about rigth turning speed. And out playing in the small waterfall in the other river, Veslegroi. Build a dam. And get the small water wheel to turn. Or go into the valley of Kvanndalen together with my father, to fish there. He, walking around on the shores of Nestavatnet with an otter. And the nice week before the school starts in the fall, all whole week at "stoelen" with the family. With the big late-summer moon just above the horizon. I already missed all this on the way down Fribakkane the last time this year. Soon the cows would be brought after, to the autumn pasture at Nordalen.
These, and other good memories from passed times when the work on the pasture was done the old way, have made "stoelen" a very special and dear place for me all years after. Memories from a time people still could make a good living in these rural districts of Norway. To be "really home", each time I am visiting Trefall I have to take a hike to "stoelen".
More stories and facts about the life and work at the mountain pasture, and more picture from current and past, will come.

Pictures from the mountain pasture Trefallstoelen (click on a picture):
(here all with hike description, here these in printable version, more to come)
My grandmother from about late 1950s or early 1960s Beautiful winter 27.02 and 01.03.2003
Still spring 14.06.2003 Autumn and snow 01.11.2003
The first hike this year (Easter) 05.04.2004 Easter, snow and sun 08.04.2004
Via Skarahammaren at 26.06.2004
With trip data
Up Fribakkane in rain 18.09.2004
Autumn an the first snow 13.11.2004 New: Winter at the pasture 20.02.2005.
With trip data
Easter on the pasture 21.03.2005 The summer 2005
Not much snow at the pasture this winter, 25.03.2006 Easter 2006
Spring on the pasture 17.06.2006 Summer 2006, the pasture and the path to it
Autumn on the pasture 23.09.2006 Spring 2007
Summer 2007, 12th of July. Autumn 2007
Easter 2008, 24th of March. Spring 2008, June 14th
Febryary 2010 October 2010

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