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BT about the preservation, and about the British which took the rudder in february 1977.
In an article under the headline "Wreck going to be attraction" 3/11, the newspaper Bergens Tidende refers the County Council Curator Gerd Bolstad about the temporary preservation of the Kvitanos-wreck. She said that further hearing of the case would be done in the spring when the snow goes. It will then be decided if the preservation will become permanent. BT is telling that the museum in Berlin does not have drawings for their reconstruction. However, pictures and measurements of wreck-parts where they now are lying will also be useful, if the museum will not get the wreck. Preservation on the wreck-site will have the negative side that the wreck little by little disappear.

One thing which is not written about yet, other than on these pages, is the concern whether the wreck will be incurred by "new" damage during the winter because it was moved ito collection of many parts toghether, during the preparation to bring it to the museum. But it is now too late in the autumn to do anything about this.

I have also here on these pages called for information about a history that says that someone earlier had fetched parts down by helicopter. The article in BT is telling about this. It was done by the British as part of a winter exercise in 1977, and it was the tail rudder they took. The article also has a photo from this event. So finally facts!

Facsimile of the headline of an article in BT 3d of November 2005
What I thought was the tail rudder turns out to be right wing-tip. See about this here: "The tail rudder".

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