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The crew:

Of the crew of 6, 4 were killed:
  • First Lieutenant Waldemar Hackel (Pilot in Command / Captain), born 03.01.1915 Breslau
  • Sergeant Adolf Liebscher (Pilot / First Officer), born 26.11.1920 Moldau
  • Staff Sergeant Erwin Kopp (Radio Operator), born 05.03.1913 Berlin
  • Private first class Karl Pech (Gunner), 15.10.1922 St.Georgenthal
Two survived:
  • Staff Sergeant Walter Schwarze (Radio Operator)
    [the person found at the mounitain pasture Eksestoelen]
  • Sergeant Fritz Albrechts (Mechanic / Flight Engineer)
    [the person found at the mounitain pasture Torvedalen, described as hardly injuried]

On January 6, 1943 a message was received that Captain Gebhardt was on his way to Stamnes with two casualties, Sergeant Walter Schwarze and Staff Sergeant Fritz Albrechts.

The bodies of the dead where brought down to Gullbraa, further down the valley of Eksingedalen, and to the city of Bergen via Stamnes. They where buried in Bergen at the cemetery of Solheim.

Karl Pech, born October 15, 1922 in St. Georgenthal,
the former Sudetenland (Czechoslovakia), near the Saxony border (about 6 km).
Fallen December 27, 1942 in Kvitanosi, Norway.

On www.wk2.info there where a set of pages made in memoriam one of the persons which died in the crash at Kvitanosi 27th of December 1942: Karl Pech. These pages are unfortunately removed from the internet! Some of the content could be found on this link: Es geschah 3 Tage nach Weihnachten - vor 65 Jahren.

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