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Sundau 27th of December 1942, in the evening: The sound of an aircraft was heard over Ekse and Gullbraa. A big plane with it's landing lights turnede on was seen passing sothwords. Later it turned out to be that sunday evening a German plain crashed at Kvitanosi.

many dates missing, soon to be translated, so fare only in Norwegian.

1943 - 2005:Over 62 years went on. Many a hiker has in all these years had the wreck at Kvitanosi as a favorite destination. The wreck has probably slightly decreased a little over the years because of souvenir collectors. The large surfaces on the relatively undamaged wings have become memory books with names and dates scratched onto them.

Saturday the 30th of July 2005: The local newspaper Hordaland has an article on its cover telling that the wreck will be removed. There is a museum in Berlin wanting parts of it for their restoration of an aircraft of this type. Although the military Condor model was produced in 262 copies during the ww2, no one is left now. The museum is very interested in the wings and the tail. That is what is best preserved at Kvitanosi.
This came completely unexpected. No one in the villages around in the area had heard about these planes. A helicopter should bring the wreck parts down to the village Brekkhus, for further transportation to Germany by car. The operation would probably start the coming week.

more soon to be translated, so fare only in Norwegian.

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