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Torbjørn (Tom) Herlaugson Oksendahl

Written by Arthur (Arth) Oksendahl b. 1903, son of Torbjorn's (Tom's) brother Andreas (Andrew).
Collected by Hugo Solhaug

In America Torbjørn called himself Tom.
See also the page "Oksendahl bruk #2 in America", the Introduction.
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The story:
Torbjørn (Tom) Herlaugson Oksendahl was born November 17, 1862, and died September 29, 1931.
He came to the United States from his native Norway in 1883 with his brother Andrew, settling in Grant County, Minnesota.
Warked as a farm laborer, and also taught school a cuple winters. Came to Pierce County where he was eventually to make his home, in the spring of 1886, driving overland from Hillsboro, N. Dak. with four oxen and a wagon. He took a clame sout of Rugby, built shanty and lived there several years; farmed with oxen. By 1895 he had had a good sized farm of 320 acres. He then spent several weeks looking over Alberta, and the Northwest Territory in Canada,but came back to Rugby and then purchased a hardware store. Sold it again in 1901.
In 1897 he married Julia Hiller. Three children were born to this unio, Ingvold, Ruby and Mabel. In 1902 his wife passed away, and in 1909 he remarried. This time to Kirsten Scherven.

Six children was born, Emelia died a few days after birth, Thomas, Earl, Roland, Kermit and Ruth. He made two trips back to his native land. First in 1901, and again in 1912. Also lived a short while at Everett, Washington. Came back to North Dacota and in 1918 moved to the towen of Rugby where he lived until his death. Kirsten died May, 1951.

Prominent in political affairs since the early days, he held various offices throughout his lifetime. He served as clerk of the state senate, and house of representatives. Served as representative one term. Was also Deputy Register of Deeds, Deputy Sheriff, Village Marshall and County Judge.

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